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Dave and Beth Koch
Dave and Beth Koch, Proprietors
In June, 2006 we opened our new business Notary Express, 1410 Catherine Street, Williamsport PA 17701, after closing and moving out of The Mail Room at 416 River Avenue.
With the help of various members of the family, friends, and volunteers, David and I made a "nice little setup" for us to work in. An office that is very complete and compact - just big enough for us to operate out of, on the back of our property in what had been an old fashioned garage with a door that pulled around to close. We now, through the grace of God have a beautiful office with air conditioning in the summertime and even, wonderful heat in the wintertime, and everything is kept in locked file cabinets.
We kept only the Notary Public portion of our business and after securing the necessary permits, licenses, official and legal paperwork, We received our renewal.  Then we re-applied to PennDOt Bureau of Transportation in Harrisburg for a contract to become an Agent for the department.  After receiving the contract and Agent status, and completing applications and receiving the bond required by Harrisburg, we were ready for business again.  We complete title transfers, registration (new and renewals) driver license address changes and renewals, license plate transfers and new license plate registrations at time of title transfer.
We applied for and received Notary Signing Agents status for various banks and loan companies throughout the United States.  We travel and complete document signings for purchase, reassignments of mortgages, lines of credit, loans, home equity loans, etc. We also do simple notaries for people who come into the office, or if they are unable to come to us we go to them - to hospitals, senior citizen centers, rehabilitation offices, or sometimes just to people who simply do not have the time to take off from their business.
We have completed notaries for gas liens for various property owners in Pennsylvania, power of attorney (durable and general) and various legal documents such as acknowledgements, affidavits, certificates, and oaths.

Regular operating hours for Notary Express are 9 to 5  Monday through Saturday - but we also make appointments for earlier or later hours for those customers who are working or unable to come in during those hours. We try to make our office open "when they need us to be open." In fact - that is our motto: "We are here when you need us to be...."

The Notary Express staff also makes copies, doing photo ID for several companies in the area, and make laminated photos and documents.  We also offer legal documents and all regular Notary signings.
We thank God that we are able to offer these services and more at a reasonable price. So come on over and check us out...we think you will be glad you did!

Hours: 9am to 5pm Monday - Saturday • Evenings & Other Hours By Appointment
Dave & Beth Koch • Proprietors